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Paneater.com will organize Deutsch beer,French wine, Italian rose wine, China famous spirits distributors participate the fair. We welcome all friends!

Expo News » over more than 300 exhibitors will attend our wine expo


Fair series of theme activities

1, China (Beijing) International Wine Forum

Be invited to state leaders, foreign heads of state and dignitaries, global wine industry's top masters, renowned academics, business leaders and other gathering to explore the development of liquor Shanghai issued the most authoritative voice. The forum will be the benchmark for future development of international wine, compass.

2, 2016 China International Wine Fair named Best New Product (Only one of the same series)

Exhibitors may apply to participate in the 2016 China International Wine Fair Best New Product Award from more than 15 countries, China's chief sommelier and selection of judges consisting of experts group, sub-wine types, classification type selection, some of the products by the International Tasting masters participate in the selection. After tasting the new product experts selected by 50 media representatives, 50 sales of 30 million or more dealer representatives, 50 consumer representatives from across the country together selected China International Wine Fair 2016 Best New Product, award-winning products in the domestic and international professional media announcement, the awards ceremony was held at the Expo site. Exhibition Catalog continuous propaganda official websites. According to "Wine Fair awards appraisal work norms", intends to participate in the awards corporate brand value appraisal activities, please review the declaration in accordance with the brand value of the material requirements (also available on request, obtain a copy of the Group Works Council) will "Evaluation Material" in 2016 3 reported to the council on the 10th February the organizing committee. Selection results in the 15 days before the commencement of prize notification competing companies.

3, Chinese wine auction committee recommended wine collections

Famous enterprises limited edition commemorative 2016 China International Wine Fair collection products, and hosts live auction, the auction wine collection uniform use of Chinese Association of Wine Collection Committee trademarks. Held in conjunction with well-known experts in the field signings, classic collection, worth having.


Approved by:

Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China 


China Council for the promotion of International Trade

China Health Industry Development Alliance 


China Famous Wine Association   China Drinks Commission

China Association of Alcohol Circulation 

Shanghai Alcohol Circulation Marketing Association

Shanghai Bar Industry Association


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Beijing Nine Dimenstion Internet Technology Co.,Ltd


1, China  International Wine Forum

2, 2018 China International Wine Fair named Best New Product (Only one of the same series)

3, Chinese wine auction committee recommended wine collections

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