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Paneater.com will organize Deutsch beer,French wine, Italian rose wine, China famous spirits distributors participate the fair. We welcome all friends!

Vistor Guideline



1. The wine industry, traders and retailers: importers, wholesalers, sales representatives, specialty retailers, professional chain of retail stores.

2.  Cafés, hotels and restaurants: major hotels and night clubs (food and beverage managers, sommeliers), chain restaurants and chain hotels.

3.  Clubs, apartments, resorts, clubs, KTV, sauna bath, bar, bath / foot center, SPA.

4.  Large supermarkets and ordinary supermarkets: supermarkets and ordinary supermarket purchasing centers drink purchasing manager, manager of the wine industry.

5.  Sommeliers, bartenders, wine appraisers, Chinese and Western chefs, snacks division, Western-style pastry, sweets production division, gourmet and so on.

6.  Duty-free shops, luxury car owners, owners of luxury cars, top real estate owners, villas, luxury real estate owners, major luxury.

7.  The brand VIP customers, the Bank’s International Bank VIP clients, insurance companies, VIP clients, securities companies VIP customers.

8. Foreign embassies and consulates in Shanghai institutions and corporate representatives.

9.  Enterprises, business elite, white-collar workers, senior managers, government agencies and some lineup.


Approved by:

Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China 


China Council for the promotion of International Trade

China Health Industry Development Alliance 


China Famous Wine Association   China Drinks Commission

China Association of Alcohol Circulation 

Shanghai Alcohol Circulation Marketing Association

Shanghai Bar Industry Association


Beijing Qianhe Exhibition Co.,L td

Beijing Nine Dimenstion Internet Technology Co.,Ltd


1, China  International Wine Forum

2, 2018 China International Wine Fair named Best New Product (Only one of the same series)

3, Chinese wine auction committee recommended wine collections

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